Free spay/neuter for heelers and heeler mixes

TCDR's Heeler Fix Program

While Texas Cattle Dog Rescue’s primary focus is rescue, we know that spaying and neutering is key to reducing the number of unwanted heelers that end up in shelters or on the streets. That’s why we are rolling out TCDR’s Heeler Fix, offering free spays and neuters for heelers and heeler mixes in Texas.

For the past few months, we have conducted a spay/neuter pilot program with strong results. By fixing 29 dogs, we helped prevent 240 unwanted puppies from being born in just one year.

We would like to help more people get their dogs fixed, so we are expanding our program through the end of 2019, or while funds last. We have allotted funds to fix approximately 100 dogs.

To qualify, you must live in Texas, own an Australian Cattle Dog/red or blue heeler or heeler mix dog that you are unable to have fixed without causing financial hardship. Simply drop an email to Include your ZIP code and contact info. For your dog(s), include dog’s name, sex, age, approximate weight and a photo. We will get back to you to arrange for the surgery. (Note: This program is not open to other rescue organizations or to shelters, sorry.)

Help Us

Donate to TCDR’s Heeler Fix to help us increase the number of animals we can fix and decrease the number of unwanted heelers. All donations are tax deductible.